Shipping Systems / Thermal Packaging

The requirements for thermal packaging result in individual design and functionality: With the innovative transport system T°Guard, T°Safe presents a sustainable packaging concept based on passive temperature control from world leading suppliers. A full range of validated, high performance thermal packaging systems, based on the latest vacuum insulation and PCM technology are available.

Furthermore, top market products of active airfreight containers from Envirotainer, Lufthansa (Unicooler/Opticooler), CSafe, as well as innovative passiv airfreight containers from va-Q-tec and
Intelsius are an important part of T°Safe’s program.

Dangerous or hazardous goods have specific transportation requirements. Biological hazardous goods require special packaging solutions and are subject to strict conditions during shipment.

T°Safe offers expertise and the adequate packaging solution of category A, category B and virtually all classes of dangerous goods. These inner packaging solutions comply with IATA, ADR and CRF

Please get in contact for more detailed information about inner and outer dimensions.

iDEX - Information Data Exchange

T°Safe’s state-of-the-art intuitive web interface iDEX is a login-based transportation management system designed for clinical studies and projects (API supply chain).

  • iDEX offers a project-based dashboard overview of ongoing and historic shipments. Tracking of real-time information and ordering is done easily with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • In order to save even more project management time and costs, iDEX disposes of universally adaptable interfaces to IVRS/IWRS or other databases (such as SAP etc.) via secured webserver for automatic booking.
  • LOGIN-based access anywhere, no way bill numbers or docs needed
  • iDEX platform offers multi-level, multi-user access for project based information in dashboard overview
  • Facilitates cooperation throughout tailored access to all involved parties, such as CTS providers, labs and involved CROs
  • Set-up of project network via LOGIN and/or individual email reporting to all involved persons (sponsor, CRO, lab, CTS etc.) for a reliable and automatic distribution of all relevant shipping information.
  • Interfaces to all leading IVRS systems (or other databases) realised via secured web server technology: allows automatic booking and the exchange of information in both directions