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A Leading Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Pharmaceutical & Biological Samples

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Cloud based temperature tracking & monitoring, Started in April 2023

ALL temperature sensitive shipments are equipped with online loggers that cover +200 countries, include personal log-in & more!

T°Safe‘s newest topic is how to optimizing pharmaceutical logistics with technology and human expertise – CTS Handbook 2024

T°Safe’s newest presentation on maximizing efficiency in pharmaceutical logistics @ CTS & TCL 2024 in Barcelona

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It’s T°Safe’s pleasure to meet you at the upcoming Pharma Conferences!

Welcome to T°Safe Logistics

With over 10 years on the market and over 25 years of expertise of the founder in the area of temperature controlled transportation, T°Safe is focusing on premium transportation services in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry supported by an unique login-based transportation management system iDEX.

The T°Safe expert teams evaluates, implements and qualifies new API Supply Chain Routes, IMP distribution and sample retrieval in clinical trials acknowledging that GDP plays a critical role in the transportation of investigational drugs and biological samples.

T°Safe works with high performance innovative thermal packaging based on the latest VIP and PCM technology and airfreight containers: sustainable concepts based on passive and active temperature control from world leading suppliers.



Our temperature controlled supply chain and logistic management supports resolving regulatory, import/export and permit issues and secures transportation according to IATA including dangerous/hazardous goods.

T°Safe’s headquarter is in Frankfurt/Main, however, there is a worldwide network of qualified and experienced agents who analyze and implement state-of-the-art logistic supply chains and clinical trial logistic solutions.

In this pursuit, we aim to not only meet but exceed our clients’ logistical process challenges.

The T°Safe operation team actively monitors all shipments, responds pro-actively to any planned or unplanned event via close control of flighttimes and location definite handover of all consignments by dedicated drivers and staff. A service to ensure a maximum safety, effiency and adherence to deadlines.

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Company Policy

„We acknowledge that your products are highly sensitive to temperature and need strictly controlled shipping solutions.
High quality supply chain of API and an effective, IT-powered (iDEX) clinical trial distribution of IMP needs precise planning, a careful risk assessment and rigorous performance. Cloud based temperature tracking & monitoring is our standard for all our shipments. This is key for a successful partnership with our customers.“

Denis Look
CEO – T°Safe Group