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T°Safe Logistics

Your Global Pharma Logistics Specialist for temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Sample Shipments

It's T°Safe's pleasure to meet you at the upcoming Pharma Conferences! We will be participating at Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals & Clinical Trial Supply Europe (15th-16th March, 2023) in Milano. Drop us a call or an email, and allow us to introduce our beneficial cost saving solutions!

T°Safe Group - from concept to performance

The Leading Pharma Logistics Specialist for Temperature-sensitive API, IMP and Biological Samples

In the globalized pharmaceutical world, the integrity of API, IMP and biological or pharmaceutical samples during transportation with special emphasis on temperature is a key factor for the success of new drug development.

With over 15 years of expertise in the area of temperature controlled transportation, T°Safe is focusing on premium transportation services in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry including life science service organisations (CRO, CTS, Central Labs etc.).

The T°Safe expert teams evaluates, implements and qualifies new API Supply Chain Routes, IMP distribution and sample retrieval in clinical trials acknowledging that GDP plays a critical role in the transportation of investigational drugs and biological samples.

T°Safe works with high performance innovative thermal packaging based on the latest VIP and PCM technology and airfreight containers: sustainable concepts based on passive and active temperature control from world leading suppliers.

Our temperature controlled supply chain and logistic management supports resolving regulatory, import/export and permit issues and secures transportation according to IATA including dangerous/hazardous goods.

T°Safe’s global network is composed of experienced internal professionals and seasoned external partners who analyze and implement state-of-the-art logistic supply chains and clinical trial logistic solutions. In this pursuit, we aim to not only meet but exceed our clients’ logistical process challenges.

The T°Safe operation team actively monitors all shipments, responds pro-actively to any planned or unplanned event via close control of flighttimes and location definite handover of all consignments by dedicated drivers and staff. A service to ensure a maximum safety, effiency and adherence to deadlines.

T°Safe meets customer’s expectations with a TariffCard flatrate system – no mileage, fuel surcharge or other hidden (in-transparent) variable costs – as well as an unique login-based transportation management system iDEX with interfaces to IVRS/IWRS or other databases.

For further information, please contact us.